High quality Grow lighting…

This is a range of quality lighting products designed by growers, for growers and is packed with unique features to make your life easier and at the same time allow your crops to flourish.

Our range consists of electronic ballasts, high intensity HPS lamps, metal halide lamps, lamp reflectors, grow lighting accessories and now even LED lighting.


, Adjust-A-Wings were designed and built with one task in mind: to provide the best quality, most uniform, canopy-penetrating and plant-friendly light for grow rooms.

 Adjust-a-Wings are specialty horticultural lighting solutions where they are the sole light source.

World of Adjust A Wings Reflectors


Gavita is the largest specialized horticultural lighting company in the world.

We are active on all five continents with projects ranging from single fixtures to large greenhouses with well over 100,000 fixtures, serving the retail, research and professional horticultural market.

World of Gavita Lighting


The Plantastar series H.P.S lamp by Osram. specially designed for assimilation lighting.

With the Plantastar series, Osram has developed the ideal HPS solution especially for use in indoor grow areas. 

Unlike conventional HPS lamps, the Plantastar lamps have a somewhat broader light spectrum, which leads to shorter production times, healthier plants, and improved CO2 assimilation (30-40% higher blue proportion compared to the Vialox series).

World of Osram Plantastar Lamp


The Philips Master SON-T PIA technology in the Green Power series.

Green-Power lamps are perfect for assimilation lighting. This means that they support the CO2 absorption (=assimilation) for improved photosynthesis, which leads to faster-growing, overall healthier plants.

SON-T PIA (PIA = Philips Integrated Antenna) refers to the ignition technology used by Philips, which offers more reliability and a reduced rate of premature failure. 

World of Philips Master SON-T PIA Lamp