The LightHouse MAX range has been extended with the addition of three extra-height tents – the LightHouse MAX XL models.
In addition to having all the great features of the standard LightHouse MAX range these tents have been designed to acco mmodate larger ballast/lighting combinations or the growing of taller crops.
A range of LightHouse accessories are also available from plant support netting through to accessory pouches and harvest dry racks.
LightHouse MAX XL Core Specification:

Heavy duty Tri-Layer 600 Denier material with the special LightHouse ULTRALUX reflective liner

Quality Tivax double lined zips that are easy to use and offering good light-proofing with no snagging

Frame – 25 mm steel poles with welded metal corners – offering ultimate strength and longevity

All outlets for air and cables are double-lined and light-tight with pull toggles on each lining

All larger extraction socks benefit from outer attachable Velcro covers to stop light when not in use

Roof support bars with rubber ends for strong grip

Waterproof insert tray

4 x filter straps

Velcro handy straps for securing cables and wires

Door clips on all doors for fastening when open

Supplied in a fabric carry bag

Product Specifications:
Pole diameter: 25 mm
4 options on extraction, through the roof or side
2 x one piece waterproof insert tray
1 x base side inlet with a 300 mm (12”) ducting gland
4 x inline 300 mm (12”) socks for use with air-cooled lighting
4 x 100 mm (4”) cable glands
4 x low level passive air vents with fine (anti-mite) mesh.
Also includes light proof covers for when not in use
2 x side doors, plus large rear door for easy access to crop
8 x filter straps
For two to three lamp set up – 2 x 1000 W or 2 x 600 W plus 1 x 400 W.
Recommended minimum extraction fan size – 150 mm (6”)
NOTE: This tent will hold a fan inside the 300 mm socks. On the LightHouse MAX XL 3 m, access from the front can either be by using the two inner curved doors or if full access is required, just zip the entire front off!
For this model it should also be noted that the product is supplied in 2 boxes due to weight and manual handling restrictions.
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