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Propagation & Cloning

Jiffy coco Coins


Jiffy coco pellets / coins Propagation Hydroponics Jiffy pellets are a really easy way of starting seeds and cuttings. Just soak the 38mm plugs in water, give them a gentle squeeze and put them in a propagator. They contain a balanced nutrition so no need to add anything. They are great for soil growers, and [...]


Gardening Grow Plastick Square Pots black Hydroponic Soil Media

Pots and Trays

Heavy Duty Net Pots


Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pot Hydroponic Media Our range of Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pots feature a heavier gauge and denser plastic netting that is more resistant to cracking. Ideal for use in Aeroponic systems as they offer the plants excellent breathing opportunities. They are perfect for orchids as well! Use with PLANT!T or Canna [...]


Gardening Grow Plastick Square Round Saucer Black Hydroponic Soil Media Plastick Square Saucer 21cm 21cm x 21cm x 21cm Square Saucer Black Plastick Square Saucer 25cm 25cm x 25cm x 25cm Square Saucer Black Ideal for: 5.7L Square Pot (200mm) Square 152mm (6″) Net Planter Plastick Square Saucer 29cm 29cm x 29cm x 29cm Square [...]

Propagation & Cloning

Cultilene Propagation Blocks


Cultilene Propagation Blocks Hydroponics Media Cultilène is one of the world’s leading substrate producers. They have a great reputation in the industry as a company that puts the grower first. The Cultilène stonewool growing blocks have a very firm structure. A very high consistency and very thin fibre structure gives optimum root development leading to [...]

Pots and Trays

Air Pots Super Roots


Super Roots Air Pots Hydroponic Soil Media The Superoots Air-Pot is plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. It is made of recycled HDPE that can be recycled at the end of its life, but more over, it can be reused many times before that. The Air-Pot comes in [...]

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Canna Coco Professional Plus+ Soil Mix Media – 50L Bag CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a coco-based growing medium that offers the gardener and his plants many advantages in comparison with other substrates. CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a pure, organic product with a homogeneous structure and has had a full buffering, eliminating the side [...]

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CANNA Terra Professional Plus is the purest potting mix possible for plant cultivation. It also gives the best effects with CANNA TERRA nutrients. The formulation is specifically developed for indoor, grow-room situations. Of course, it also gives good results outside. Advantages of CANNA Terra Professional Plus CANNA Terra Professional Plus is composed of airy peat [...]

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