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CO2 is most effective at increasing the speed of vegetative growth, so adding extra CO2 is a great way to grow bigger plants in less time during vegetative stage of growth.


Airbomz CO2 Dispenser with light Grow Room Hydroponics The worlds first remote controlled CO2 dispenser with built in light sensor. Airbomz brings you the latest innovative technology in hydroponic plant growth for explosive indoor growing. Designed for small to medium grow tents, by omitting measured amounts of CO2 at set intervals the ambient CO2 levels [...]


New big size replacement can for Airbomz CO2 Dispenser. Lasts over one month per can!

Co2 Systems

Co2 Tabs


Co2 Tabs (No Mercy) Grow Room Hydroponics With this package of CO2 Tabs you will possess a revolutionary new and very powerful product aimed at cannabisplants on any growth medium. These simple – and cheap! – Tablets are specially developed to replace the complicated and expensive CO2 fertilizing systems used until today. Growth stagnation of [...]

Co2 Systems

Exhale CO2 Bag


Exhale CO2 Bag Grow Room Hydroponics The Exhale CO2 bag cultivates carbon dioxide 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive production units. Maintenance Free: No heat, No electricity, Just CO2. Designed for small to medium grow spaces, or more specifically 1 bag will provide 4-6 plants with the CO2 [...]

Co2 Systems

Liquid Oxygen


Liquid oxygen Oxy-Plus 250ml Hydroponics Oxy-Plus increases the amount of available oxygen in the root zone. This encourages increased nutrient uptake, leading to more vigorous plants with thicker stems, bushier leaves and shorter internodes. Use Oxy-Plus for plants growing in pots, NFT, Flood & Drain, Rockwool and Aeroponics. Full instructions come supplied with every order [...]

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