How to plant young plants or cuttings?

 How-to-plant-young-plants-or-cuttings How to plant young plants or cuttings?

How to plant young plants or cuttings

Growing outdoors for beginners. You’ve improved your soil or filled your pots. It’s warm and light enough outside and your plants have done some growing. Now it’s time to plant them for real! But how do you plant a plant? Is it simply a matter of making a hole and dumping a plant in it? Well… almost.

Make a hole.

Putting a plant in the ground really isn’t very complicated, but you need to pay attention to a few details. First up: feel how moist the ground is in the little pots your plants are in. If this is a little dry, you need to dunk your plants in water to moisten the earth around the root ball. Now you can get to work.

  • Make a hole. You dig a hole in the place where you want your plant to grow. It needs to be bigger than the root ball and you need to loosen op de soil at the bottom of the hole.
  • Put the plant in the hole. Set your plant in the hole at the correct depth. The top of the root ball should be even with the top level of the soil or maybe a little lower. If you leave the plant too high, the top of the root ball may dry out and you don’t want that.
  • Press it in. Press down the soil around the root ball so that the roots have good contact with it. Remember: roots can’t take up nutrients from air. Don’t press to hard though.
  • Watering. Now all that’s left is a good round of watering. If you’re planting in a long hot period you’ll need to repeat watering until the roots have established themselves.

Later: repotting your plant.

As your plants grow, their pots will have to size up as well. This sounds easy, but there are some details to keep track off.

  • Be careful to repot in a temperate weather periode. Don’t do it when it’s hot and dry or very cold for a longer period. Repotting is an intensive process and it is always wise to do so when the plant is strong and can recover.
  • Fill the pot in the same way as the original one: first a layer of Clay Pebbles for drainage and then a layer of substrate. When this bottom layer is ready, you can put the plant in. It is wise to remove a small part of the rootball. Not too rigorous, but a little bit so that the plant needs to work. Put the plant in the pot and place the remaining soil around the plant. Press the soil in a bit so that the plant has a stable base.

Add a little water and Canna Rhizotonic, so the plant can spread its roots throughout the new pot.


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